Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Wargaming Holiday Cleanup

Lord knows i love lists, and making them, and then marking things off of them. Its my great love.  I used these last few days to do a lot of that.

Since there are so many WoT tanbks i still want, I had planned to massively grind all 4 days of the x5.  It didnt work out that way, but ended up working out all-around fantastic.

On Sat, I played mostly serious, or serious-ish.  This comes up mainly bc I was keeping track of credits as well as XP, and I would later be quite shocked to see how much easier it is to make creds when you play well.

On Sat, I played 10 hours, I made it thru (that is, got x5 wins) about 25 of my 76 prems.  I made 175k XP, and 1.23 million creds - or 123k creds per hour.  Pretty great.

On Sunday, i was up right at server reset, and set the goal of completing a x5 win in all 76 of my prems.  However, this is when the yoloing started.  Get some damage in, die fast, move onto next tank.  Quantity over quality.

What i found interesting were the results - Xp didnt drop all that much, but credits earned plummeted.
I ended up not making it (67 of 76, the last 9 were just too painful).  After 13 hours, I had gotten 67 of 76 wins, made another 365k XP, but only 1.51 M credits.

So playing serious
XP -> 17.5k / hour
creds - 123k / hour

Yoloing -
XP -> 28.07k / hour
creds -> 116k / hour

And now that i redo the math, its not as bad as i thought haha!  THIS POAST LOST ITS POINT.

Monday i neededa break entirely, and had much unfinished business, which I am glad to say i got done

 - unlocked Emden on Wows Asia
 - finished the pearls i needed for Kamikaze R on Wows Asia
 - unlocked the Emden on Wows NA
 - decided to just buy the damn Emden on Wows Eu next week.

Today I may try to cherry pick some prems and earn a little more xp.  to be honest, when I had earned 535k in 2 days, i thought Id have a ton left over after buying the JPE 100 I wanted.  Well once i get paid in January and can convert it heh.

But doing the math, I think I only have like 60k left over - way less than i expected.  I had already begun making (you guessed it) a list of what to spend "all this extra xp on" only to find out there wouldnt be much.

But now i have a list haha!  So its back to the grindstone.  Instead of being happy i accomplished main goal of getting the xp i need for JPE 100, i now am disappointed i dont have enough for the second big purchase.

The rat race is anathema to many, but to me it is a cozy, comfy home!


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