Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Wargaming Holiday Cleanup

Lord knows i love lists, and making them, and then marking things off of them. Its my great love.  I used these last few days to do a lot of that.

Since there are so many WoT tanbks i still want, I had planned to massively grind all 4 days of the x5.  It didnt work out that way, but ended up working out all-around fantastic.

On Sat, I played mostly serious, or serious-ish.  This comes up mainly bc I was keeping track of credits as well as XP, and I would later be quite shocked to see how much easier it is to make creds when you play well.

On Sat, I played 10 hours, I made it thru (that is, got x5 wins) about 25 of my 76 prems.  I made 175k XP, and 1.23 million creds - or 123k creds per hour.  Pretty great.

On Sunday, i was up right at server reset, and set the goal of completing a x5 win in all 76 of my prems.  However, this is when the yoloing started.  Get some damage in, die fast, move onto next tank.  Quantity over quality.

What i found interesting were the results - Xp didnt drop all that much, but credits earned plummeted.
I ended up not making it (67 of 76, the last 9 were just too painful).  After 13 hours, I had gotten 67 of 76 wins, made another 365k XP, but only 1.51 M credits.

So playing serious
XP -> 17.5k / hour
creds - 123k / hour

Yoloing -
XP -> 28.07k / hour
creds -> 116k / hour

And now that i redo the math, its not as bad as i thought haha!  THIS POAST LOST ITS POINT.

Monday i neededa break entirely, and had much unfinished business, which I am glad to say i got done

 - unlocked Emden on Wows Asia
 - finished the pearls i needed for Kamikaze R on Wows Asia
 - unlocked the Emden on Wows NA
 - decided to just buy the damn Emden on Wows Eu next week.

Today I may try to cherry pick some prems and earn a little more xp.  to be honest, when I had earned 535k in 2 days, i thought Id have a ton left over after buying the JPE 100 I wanted.  Well once i get paid in January and can convert it heh.

But doing the math, I think I only have like 60k left over - way less than i expected.  I had already begun making (you guessed it) a list of what to spend "all this extra xp on" only to find out there wouldnt be much.

But now i have a list haha!  So its back to the grindstone.  Instead of being happy i accomplished main goal of getting the xp i need for JPE 100, i now am disappointed i dont have enough for the second big purchase.

The rat race is anathema to many, but to me it is a cozy, comfy home!


Thursday, June 18, 2015

RIP Tabletop

“Tabletop is more than just a show where we play games. Tabletop is where millions of people from all over the world go to see how games are played, and to discover new games. We have a responsibility to our audience, and we have let a lot of you down. This is even more infuriating to me this season, because this season was literally made possible by people reaching into their own pockets and trusting us with their money. We had a responsibility to take good care of that, and we didn’t.”
WOW, thank god reading over-acting isnt fatal. This paragraph only works if i replace “Tabletop” with “Chemotherapy for Kids with Cancer”
The reason season three sucks is because you have changed, as you admit in many places, from the formula from seasons 1 and 2.
Put down the Cross youre so exhausted from bearing that no one asked you to pick up. Just play games and enjoy them, and let us watch. It is obvious from the Valkana and season 3 eps that you are forcing them out under an enormous strain to make them some kind of miracles of production quality.
Fire Wil the Executive Producer and re-hire Wil the Gamer.